AG Serramenti leader in planning and realization of construction casings, it can guarantee a wide choice of services thanks to 30 years of experience and to the collaboration with expert artisans in the sector. It realizes window and door frames in aluminium, continuous façades, canopies and roofs, Alucobond and zinc-titanium working, wood/aluminium and steel window and door frames. Our window and door frames can guarantee excellent thermal performances, respecting environmental regulations. We guarantee a work of industrial level, maintaining the handcrafted care acquired during decades of work thanks to passion and to the preparation of our collaborators. A particular pride for the company is its internal study of planning and style that can envelop and make custom-made projects, to produce frames leaving from the plan of the client and to guarantee an excellent success of the product, also leaving from only an idea. We offer expert advices to architectural offices during the development of feasibility of a project and we follow all the phases of production. The company guarantees a high experience in working, assembly and in the materials quality, guarantying always the delivery in time. Furthermore it has collaborations with technical offices for the complete management of construction sites.

The company considers itself like an important reference point in the national territory, guarantying to the clientele a high hand-crafted quality of product with industrial working methods to offer always the maximum satisfaction of clientele.