Information on data collection through web site.

When you give personal information through this Web Site of "" , we will respect your privacy and the rights provided for by law about protection of personal data.

For this reason it is important that you know what are the information collected about you during your visit and what we do with these information.

Your visit on this Web Site is subject to current regulation about Treatment of Personal Data.

We will not spread your personal information to third parties, except in the form established in the Information on privacy and Treatment of Data or in the communications established for each case in which your personal data are collected.

The Web Site will collect your personal information unless you are under fourteen years old. If at the time of registration you are under fourteen years old, you have not to send us your personal information.

1. Collection and use of information
Conveying us your personal data in the Web Site, you are accepting the treatment and communication of your personal data in the form established in this Information on Treatment of Personal Data. If you prefer that this Web Site does not collect your personal information, we ask you to not supply them.
This Web Site can use the personal information that you will convey in form dissociated (without personal identification) to internal aims, as the elaboration of statistics.
In this way, this Web Site will collect, archive or gather some information of not personal nature in relation to your use of the Site. For example, information that suggest the most popular of our pages.

2. Cookies and Files of Register
The Web Site will collocate a "cookie" on the hard disk of your computer to recognize you as a recurring user and to personalize your use of Web Site.
The cookie is saved on hard disk of your computer, until it will be removed.
It is possible that your browser adverts you of cookies' presence or it refuses them automatically.
If cookies are refused is always possible using the Web Site, even if it can limit the use of some benefits or prevent the correct operation of Web Site.

3. Third parties
Web Site can assume third parties to carry out operations for your own interest, in relation to the aims for which it is possible collecting your personal data, for example analyzing the information supplied or offering services of integrate logistics.
The third parties can access to necessary personal information to carry out their operations, even if they cannot use the information for other aims and we will regulate our relation with these third parties in the forms established by regulations about protection of personal data.
This Web Site uses the measurement instruments of traffic of Google Analytics. Google Adwords and other instruments of monitoring of users activities, including the tracking of users, that allows to analyze the behavior and the profile of visitors in anonymous form, with the aim of improve the operation of the site.
Our Web Site can use advertisements (as DoubleClick, Google Adsense) to ease advertising contents that the user visualizes on our pages. The services use cookies that allow them to adapt advertising contents to the demographic profiles of users.

4. Hyperlinks
The Web Site can contain hyperlinks through or from other web sites. In no way this Web Site, and the authors of contents of this Web Site, or the company owner of the site and/or nobody of its partners, administrators, employees, affiliates or the owner of the domain's name, can be consider responsible of the procedures that other web sites follow about the treatment of personal data.
This Information on Treatment of personal data is applied only to the information collected on this Web Site.
We ask to read the policies about the treatment of personal data of other web sites to or from which our Web Site is connected, or that it visits.

5. Security
This Web Site puts to use various safety measures to protect your personal data, both "online" and "offline".

6. Advice of changes
This Information on Treatment of Personal Data can be modified from this Web Site in any moment and it will be effective from that moment.

7. Access, adjustment, cancellation and opposition rights
You have the right to exercise your access, adjustment, cancellation and opposition rights of your data or to contest the treatment of your personal data, telling it in writing to:
AG serramenti of Lilli Pancrazio & C.snc Via Colle del Gallo, 19 – 06030 – Giano dell'Umbria (PG), attaching the photocopy of an ID card on both sides, the petition in which your request is specified, signed and with the date, like so your address for communications.

8. File manager
AG serramenti S.r.l. Via Colle Vallo, 23/25 – 06030 – Giano dell'Umbria (PG), will be the manager of files that contain the information that you convey us.